About Us

For many years, Winona Knitting Mills manufactured Winona Mittens from the excess fabric left over from their sweater production. In the beginning Winona Knitting Mills manufactured an all wool mitten because most of the sweaters they produced were made from wool. However these warm wool mittens were not well received by customers. As the sweater market changed, Winona Knitting Mills manufactured more cotton garments and had more cotton excess. Fortunately, for our customers this was great news. Winona Knitting Mills began to manufacture a mitten with the softness of cotton on the inside and the warmth of wool on the outside.

With the decline of domestic knitting mills thriving in the USA, the Winona Knitting Mills also closed and has stopped producing sweaters. Once the Winona Knitting Mills closed, many people thought they would not have an opportunity to purchase these mittens any longer. Much to everyone’s delight, Minnesota Mittens Inc. was founded in 2001, keeping the mittens, which were commonly referred to as Winona Mittens, tradition alive.

Our mitten fabric is still knit in the USA from yarn manufactured in the USA. The fabrics are then washed at a Regional Rehabilitation Center and carefully hand crafted by Rehabilitation Centers or by other centers in our area.  They are still the warm mittens that our customers have enjoyed for years!

Introduced in 2006 were our Berber mittens. These mittens are also manufactured in Minnesota. They are also warm mittens and consist of an anti-pill liner and a comfortable knit pile exterior. This mitten is light weight, easy care, non-shrink, soft and durable. We offer these in a traditional style mitten, a flip top mitten and beautiful snowflake embroidered mitten. They are available in the following colors, black, red, and oatmeal only from Minnesota Mittens.